Upon concluding an agreement with IDR INKASSO and submitting a claim for processing, the Client incurs no preliminary expenses. A service fee is charged ONLY FOR SUMS THAT HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN RECEIVED. Half of the service fee will be paid by the debtor. Therefore, in addition to a fine for delay, a loss claim will also be added to the principal claim. The percentage of the service fee depends on the value and age of the claim.

Example: If the claim is €1000 and the service fee is 10%, you need to pay us €100. However, we will charge the debtor for €1100, of which you receive €50 and we receive €50. Hence, your final service fee is €50. In other words, the debtor pays half of your service fee.

  • Legal service €100/hour
  • Initiating an expedited processing of payment order €65
  • Initiating an enforcement procedure €40
  • Preparing and submitting a statement of claim €40
  • Statement of writing off a debt €40