About us

The main line of business of IDR INKASSO is collection services, including property-based collection services. We have been operating already since 2005 and our team consists of specialists with long-term experience in the field.

The main purpose of IDR INKASSO is to provide the client with the expected outcome, namely the return of their money or property. Naturally, we also provide the support services that go with the collection service, such as background checks (on both Estonian and foreign companies), expedited processing of payment orders, legal proceedings, tracking enforcement procedures, and disposal of assets. We are discreet in our activities and our work will never harm the client’s reputation.

Our clients currently include numerous major and minor enterprises operating in various fields. We have slowly but surely proven our effectiveness and professionalism.

IDR INKASSO is based on 100% Estonian private capital, offering services in Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden since 2010.